Ki kiikidowininaand Maamawi’opiwin:
Aboriginal Languages Symposium – February 20-21, 2020

Date: March 24 & 25, 2021
Location: VIRTUAL


The purpose of Manitoba Aboriginal Languages Strategy, MALS, is to promote, revitalize, and retain the Aboriginal Languages in Manitoba based on ancestral knowledges of our Grandparents. Understanding the connectedness of generations and the importance of Aboriginal languages teach us who we are as a people. Language ensures a strong connection from the past to the present in a positive way. Our land is where our language is learned and we as Aboriginal people need to learn beyond the walls of a classroom.

The 2nd Annual Indigenous Languages Symposium will honour Grandparents knowledge and Experiences, language program models, strategies, and resources representative to the seven language groups in Manitoba. Come share the importance of language retention, revitalization, and promotion. 

Keynote speakers and individual workshop sessions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Aboriginal Writing Systems 
  • Grandparents and our languages
  • Aboriginal language immersion programming
  • Teaching Aboriginal languages
  • Community based Aboriginal languages programs
  • Language and the land
  • Language program models
  • Resources
  • Stories, songs, and teachings


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2020 Symposium Evaluation (pdf 70 KB)

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Kelly Forgala, Event Manager
P: 204 391 4419

2021 Symposium Workshop Presentations
Vanessa Goodtunder, Director,
Cansayapi Wakanyeza Owayawa Oti,Early Head Start and Head Start Program, Lower Sioux Indian Community
Dr. Lorena Fontaine, Indigenous Academic Lead, co-director of the Indigenous Language Program and Associate Professor in the Department of Indigenous Studies at the University of Winnipeg
Wanda Barker, Gloria Barker
Judy Doolittle, Michael Li
Šišóka Dúta (Wayne Joseph Bendickson), Anke al-Bataineh, Raine Cloud (Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota)
Jed Meltzer
Isaiah Beardy, Bill Jancewicz, Jeff Green
Marsha Blacksmith
John-Paul Chalykoff
Melanie Kennedy, Lorena Fontaine
Charity Cooper
Marlene Quinney, Diana Steinhauer
Laura Forsythe